Procedure for Filling an Aldermanic Vacancy


The following procedure (“the process”) will be followed by the ADCC for selecting a person to fill an aldermanic vacancy if  fewer than 15 months remain until the next city general election.

All ADCC members and their alternates shall affirmatively endorse and agree to abide by this procedure. ADCC members shall refrain from substantive discussion with both prospective candidates and their advocates/detractors outside the process.  Members of the ADCC shall rebuff politely any attempts to influence or lobby for or against candidates when such communications lie outside the process. ADCC members shall enter this selection process with an open mind, harboring no favoritism or antipathy toward any prospective candidate prior to the exchange of information that will occur during the process.

To conform with the city code, referenced and copied below, the following actions will be performed on the approximate timeline:

Day 0: The city declares that a vacancy exists, by notice from Mayor to ADCC as he is required to provide within 5 days of an aldermanic resignation.                                                                 

Day 1: ADDC meets to review and finalize this procedure considering circumstances then prevailing, including the design of a final candidate fill-in form,.  Work shall commence on a list of questions, the same ones to be asked of each candidate in turn during the hearing at which candidates will be interviewed.

Day 4: ADCC announces the time and place of a public hearing to fill the vacancy, by notice in Capital Gazette plus announcements posted on the ADCC web site, the ADCC Facebook page, and sent to Eye on Annapolis,  Arundel Patriot, WNAV, District 30 Democratic Club,  and Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee.  ADCC members and alternates are encouraged to post copies on their personal social media and/or web pages. 
It shall be made clear from the outset that all documents, including applications, biographies, other statements, the hearing itself, and letters of support produced in the process will be made public, and will be posted on the ADCC web site.

Day 12: Deadline for applicants to submit fill-in form which includes a statement of interest, biography, and any letters from other persons either accompanying the candidate’s submission or received separately. 

Day 13: The ADCC publicly announces the list of applicant candidates and informs the public that additional candidates will be considered if a petition signed by at least fifty registered democratic voters who live in the affected ward is submitted together with the same information required of the other candidates.    
ADCC voting members commence their review of the submitted documents so that they will be fully prepared to participate in the public hearing and interview the candidates.

Day 16:  ADCC completes questions to be asked of the candidates in the hearing, deciding whether each shall be distributed in advance to all candidates or held undisclosed until the hearing.

Day 18: The Hearing. ADCC voting members and candidates meet either in an in-person setting that safely supports social distancing, with the option to attend via Zoom for those who prefer, or wholly via Zoom if conditions require, as the ADCC approves. Only candidates and voting ADCC members will be admitted to the live Zoom session.
Candidates not currently being interviewed shall be sequestered, physically in the case of in-person attendance, or if participating remotely by putting the candidates’ Zoom feeds on hold. All proceedings shall be recorded on video for later posting on the internet.

Each candidate shall be afforded an opportunity to address the ADCC for up to WW minutes and will then be quizzed from the list of compiled questions.
When the questioning has finished, each candidate will have up to XX minutes for a concluding statement.
When all candidate interviews have concluded, sequestered candidates shall be released, and public deliberations shall begin. Going “around the table,” each voting ADCC member shall have up to YY minutes to summarize their take on the candidates, announcing preliminary preferences if they choose.
Free form discussion shall then follow for up to ZZ minutes. 
Successive rounds of voting shall then occur, the candidate(s) with the lowest number of votes being eliminated in each round until a candidate achieves a majority of votes. If they choose to do so, discussion may occur among voting members between rounds.

Day 19: The ADCC informs the mayor of its selection.                                                              

Note:  The numerical values of WW, XX, YY, ZZ shall be determined by the ADCC on Day 16 and relayed to the candidates at that time.

Reference: Annapolis City Code governing ADCC procedure.


     Revised   July 18, 2020