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March 29, 2022

Annapolis Democratic Central Committee Passes Resolution Supporting Ukraine, Calling for Russian Boycott

Annapolis, MD - At its regular monthly meeting, the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee unanimously adopted the following resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, standing with all Ukrainian people, and calling for the city of Annapolis to not authorize any contracts with Russian entities. 

WHEREAS Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe by land mass, with a population of 43.6 million residents, and has a long and rich history with its own unique language, literature, and cultural identity; and

WHEREAS on August 24, 1991, Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union and became an independent, sovereign nation; and

WHEREAS Ukraine is a democratic republic with a constitution that provides for a directly elected president; and

WHEREAS on December 5, 1994, in return for its nuclear disarmament, the United States, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom signed the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, whereby each country pledged to respect the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine's borders; and

WHEREAS on February 23, 2022, the Russian Federation launched an unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine; and

WHEREAS the United States and nations around the world have condemned the invasion and have levied sanctions against Russia and its financial institutions; and

WHEREAS Ukraine is on the front lines of the battle for freedom of democratic countries around the world – and the fight against the evils of dictators; and

WHEREAS the people and leaders of Ukraine have demonstrated incredible resolve, tenacity, and bravery in the face of the Russian invasion; and

WHEREAS Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley has stated that the people of Ukraine are "unimaginably courageous in the face of a threat that few of us could fathom -- an invading Russian army, armored vehicles rolling down city streets, artillery fire, missile strikes into residential neighborhoods,” and that “the fight Ukrainians are waging is heroic.” 

Now, Therefore, 


SECTION 1. That the ANNAPOLIS DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stands with the Ukrainian people and with the Ukrainian community that now calls Annapolis home.

SECTION 2. That the ANNAPOLIS DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE supports the coalition of nations imposing sanctions on Russia and encourages the city of Annapolis, and its business, civic, and philanthropic communities to support the Ukrainian people in their fight to retain their freedom.

SECTION 3. That the ANNAPOLIS DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE calls upon the City of Annapolis to not authorize any city contracts with any entities with significant ties to Russia.

SECTION 4. That the ANNAPOLIS DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE resolves its support for our candidates who support the principles stated above.


Annapolis Democrats Platform for the 2021 City Elections

Click Here for PDF File

    Annapolis Democratic Central Committee Resolution: COVID 

  • Covid-19 is a serious public health hazard that has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and illness for millions more.
  • Covid-19 is a challenge to public health that is fundamentally unrelated to politics.
  • We respect the experience and advice of credentialed and authoritative public health experts.
  • We condemn statements by Maryland politicians and political entities that contradict both objective facts and  expert advice regarding Covid-19.
  • Political skill and determination are required to implement measures fully responsive to the best advice of credentialed and authoritative public health experts,
  • Therefore, the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee resolves our  support for the principles stated above, and for our candidates who also support them.

Approved 26 January 2022

The final result is that Brooks Schandelmeier was selected.

On September 4, 2020, the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee (ADCC) was notified by Mayor Gavin Buckley that Alderman Mark Rodriguez resigned and that a vacancy existed on the Annapolis City Council for Ward 5. The Annapolis City Charter requires that the ADCC fill that vacancy. The ADCC met on September 28, 2020, at 7:00pm to interview candidates to fill the vacancy. The meeting took place via videoconference open to the public. The candidates were: Maria Casasco, Henry Green, Brooks Schandelmeier.

The Zoom meeting was Sep 28, 2020, 07:00 PM Eastern Time.
Annapolis Democratic Central Committee Ward 5 Alderman Candidate Hearing

Recording of the Hearing

From time to time vacancies may occur on the Annapolis City Council. The ADCC is charged by law with the responsibility for filling such vacancies under some circumstances, for the balance of the unexpired term. The ADCC is committed to a fair and open process for doing so, and has adopted a formal procedure to that end.

Visit the link below where information on the candidates, including applications, letters of support, and information on the meeting format are posted.

             ADCC Aldermanic Vacancy Appointment Proceduree, plus Ward 5 Applications


Insights: How the ADCC Helps Candidates, and More

As I thought through it I came to a better understanding of the purpose of both the central committee and party affiliation in general. For example, what is the purpose of parties?  Candidates for office in our system run with a party affiliation because they believe in the general values espoused by the party.  The party, in turn, supports all of its candidates.  Voters choose parties and candidates for the same reasons.

Speaker Bush addresses Democratic values very well when he describes the difference between Democrats and Republicans.  Democrats believe the the government can play a productive and supportive role in peoples lives.  Republicans don't.  Candidates affiliate with the Democratic party because they support that belief AND they want to support other Democrats.

At the city, county, and state level, central committees and political clubs will broadly support candidates not just as individuals, but as members of the party.  This usually happens through party centered, multiple candidate advertising or through GOTV efforts, but there are many other forms that broad support can take.

A symptom of a breakdown of party contiguity is a candidate that says they will run with a particular party affiliation, but will not support the party in general.  This suggests that that candidate doesn't support the party's positions, is running on a single issue and party affiliation is incidental, or they are simply taking advantage of the broader efforts of the party and the other affiliated candidates that ARE supporting the party's positions and outreach efforts.  Such a candidate will invariably fail to broadcast the party's message along with their own.  

As this breakdown spreads it infects the electorate in the form of a distortion or usurpation of the party's message.  The electorate begins to focus on specific issues that can be easily manipulated by the opposition in individual races.  The result is a voter that has lost touch with the reason they became a Democrat in the first place.  The inevitable next step is a change in party affiliation.  This is happening now in Annapolis and all across Maryland as voters chose to become independents or cross party lines.

A breakdown in party contiguity on the part of both candidates and the electorate is part of the reason that both Josh Cohen and Anthony Brown lost their respective elections.

The 2017 election will not be a normal city election; quite possibly in a significantly more contentious way than in 2013.  We are expecting the Republican party to give record breaking support to candidates in Annapolis.  They consider Mike Pantaledes' win a foot in the door that they will not give up without a bitter fight.  Council candidates who ran unopposed should not expect the same luxury in 2017.

We need to coalesce as a party - as Democrats - and begin preparing for that fight.  A key component of this is abandoning the idea that only individuals are running in a particular ward or district and recognizing that we are members of a team.  In this election, that may be the difference between winning and losing in the big picture.

     Revised   February 25, 2024