Annapolis Democrats have released our Platform for the 2017 City Elections

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For Immediate Release
September 18, 2017
Contact: Tom McCarthy, 410-570-5996

Annapolis Republican Party Spreads Fake News 
in Democratic Primary

The Annapolis Republican Central Committee 
mails Democrats to influence tomorrow's primary election

Annapolis, Md.   In a bid to shape the general election field, the Annapolis Republican Central Committee took the unusual and underhanded step of mailing attack ads against Democratic candidates to Democratic Primary voters today. In a move reminiscent of the 2016 election, they even created a fake headline for the Annapolis Capital on one postcard and used unsubstantiated claims and name-calling on another.

"We would encourage every Democratic primary voter to consider the source when they check their mailboxes today and vote for the candidate of their choice tomorrow. We have great candidates on the ballot, don't let today's Putin-inspired Republican tricks influence your decision."   -Tom McCarthy, Annapolis Democratic Central Committee Chair 

"Perhaps if the Republican Party had fielded stronger candidates, they wouldn't feel the need to interfere in the Democratic Party's primary election using dirty political tactics."
- Rob Savidge, Candidate, Ward 7

"I am proud to be a member of a party that doesn't have to stoop to interfering with someone else's election."   - Alderman Joe Budge, Ward 1

 "Like most Democrats in Ward 1, today I received an unsolicited mailer authorized by the Republican Party that is straight out of the Trump playbook. I pride myself in having run a respectable campaign and this kind of tactic is insulting to hardworking Democratic candidates and is a prime example of Republican partisan politics."
- Elly Tierney, Candidate, Ward 1

"Today's eleventh-hour mailer is obviously an attempt to fracture our community here in Ward 7, and we won't be divided by it. Going into the general election, I urge residents in Ward 7 to be diligent and critical of those who utilize these tactics. People are sick of dirty political games."  - Alexus Viegas, Candidate, Ward 7.

September 21, 2017
Editor's notebook:  Attempt at political manipulation backfires

 — Here’s a morsel of unsolicited advice for party activists in Annapolis: Stay out of the other guys’ primaries. At best, it makes you look dishonestly manipulative. At worst, you could look the way Randy Landis, the chairman of the Annapolis Republican Central Committee, looks right now.

The local GOP evidently had little to do in the lead-up to Tuesday’s city primary election, which, except for one less-than-suspenseful mayoral race, was all about Democrat-on-Democrat contests. And you know what they say about idle hands. So, as of Monday, the Republicans stuffed fliers in the mailboxes of Democratic voters, attacking Rob Savidge, a Democrat running for alderman in Ward 7, and Joe Budge, the Democratic incumbent in Ward 1.

Landis explained that he viewed Alexus Viegas, Savidge’s opponent, and Eleanor “Elly” Tierney, who was running against Budge, as weaker candidates.

Giving Landis the benefit of the doubt, we think he meant that he didn’t believe Viegas and Tierney had the credentials of their two opponents — and not that he thought the two were automatically weaker because, well, they happened to be women running against men. But guess what: Democrats won’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

If Landis can’t be any slicker than this, perhaps he should just refrain from telling Democrats which Democrat to pick.

A LITTLE EXTRA — The mailing savaging Budge offered an excerpt from the editorial last week in which we endorsed Tierney, attributed to “The Capital Newspaper.” It reformatted a paragraph with criticisms of the incumbent into three numbered items — the numbers weren’t in the original — and added the local GOP’s own headline: “Time to replace Joe Budge.”

Evidently the real heading — “Endorsements in wards 1, 4: Tierney, Finlayson” — wasn’t dramatic enough.

“Fake news”? Well, perhaps not quite. But voters who find such things in their mailboxes should realize that even if quotes from other material aren’t outright fabricated, there are all sorts of ways of putting a little extra spin on the ball.

The Annapolis Democratic Central Committee (ADCC) supports a strong and viable Democratic Party in the City of Annapolis through voter registration campaigns, promoting the election of the Democratic nominees, fund raising, and encouraging broad participation in the Democratic Party.

We are visible, active, and effective. You can make a difference by getting involved too!

The Annapolis Democratic Central Committee has a vacancy for Ward 2 Alternate. This is an important and stimulating way to become involved in local politics. If you have interest, time and energy, are a registered Democrat with residing in Ward 2, please contact  Ward 2 ADCC member = Kurt Riegel

Annapolis Democrats travel to the 2016 Philadelphia Convention

Insights: How the ADCC Helps Candidates, and More

As I thought through it I came to a better understanding of the purpose of both the central committee and party affiliation in general. For example, what is the purpose of parties?  Candidates for office in our system run with a party affiliation because they believe in the general values espoused by the party.  The party, in turn, supports all of its candidates.  Voters choose parties and candidates for the same reasons.

Speaker Bush addresses Democratic values very well when he describes the difference between Democrats and Republicans.  Democrats believe the the government can play a productive and supportive role in peoples lives.  Republicans don't.  Candidates affiliate with the Democratic party because they support that belief AND they want to support other Democrats.

At the city, county, and state level, central committees and political clubs will broadly support candidates not just as individuals, but as members of the party.  This usually happens through party centered, multiple candidate advertising or through GOTV efforts, but there are many other forms that broad support can take.

A symptom of a breakdown of party contiguity is a candidate that says they will run with a particular party affiliation, but will not support the party in general.  This suggests that that candidate doesn't support the party's positions, is running on a single issue and party affiliation is incidental, or they are simply taking advantage of the broader efforts of the party and the other affiliated candidates that ARE supporting the party's positions and outreach efforts.  Such a candidate will invariably fail to broadcast the party's message along with their own.  

As this breakdown spreads it infects the electorate in the form of a distortion or usurpation of the party's message.  The electorate begins to focus on specific issues that can be easily manipulated by the opposition in individual races.  The result is a voter that has lost touch with the reason they became a Democrat in the first place.  The inevitable next step is a change in party affiliation.  This is happening now in Annapolis and all across Maryland as voters chose to become independents or cross party lines.

A breakdown in party contiguity on the part of both candidates and the electorate is part of the reason that both Josh Cohen and Anthony Brown lost their respective elections.

The 2017 election will not be a normal city election; quite possibly in a significantly more contentious way than in 2013.  We are expecting the Republican party to give record breaking support to candidates in Annapolis.  They consider Mike Pantaledes' win a foot in the door that they will not give up without a bitter fight.  Council candidates who ran unopposed should not expect the same luxury in 2017.

We need to coalesce as a party - as Democrats - and begin preparing for that fight.  A key component of this is abandoning the idea that only individuals are running in a particular ward or district and recognizing that we are members of a team.  In this election, that may be the difference between winning and losing in the big picture.

- G. Thomas McCarthy

Past Events

Stop the Madness: Mobilizing the Vote Against Intolerance & Extremism
March 16, 2016 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm, St. Philip's Church, FLC, 730 Bestgate Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

And what a success it was! ADCC Annual Fundraiser

Sunday, October 18 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Home of Bob Gallagher & Cate Greene

4th of July Parade, 2015

It happened and it was great. 6:30pm – 8:00pm, Amos Garrett & West St to City Dock saw the Annapolis, District 30, and Anne Arundel Democratic organizations marching together to show your support for our candidates and elected officials. The route was through historic Annapolis to City Dock where all sorts of holiday festivities ensued.

ADCC Regular Monthly Meeting

Third Wednesday of each month, 7 pm at the Mt. Olive AME Church, 2 Hicks Ave Annapolis, MD 21401 (map). Open to all who wish to come and support the efforts of our local party.

Ward 4 Vacancy on the ADCC

The Ward 4 Alternate slot is vacant. If you are a Ward 4 resident, a Democrat, and would like to become involved this is a perfect opportunity. Please contact Tracy Hartman and/or John Giannetti.

District 30 Democratic Club

The District 30 Democratic Club also supports our candidates and organizes volunteers. Please contact President District 30 meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm at Union Jack's, 2072 Somerville Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401.


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