About the ADCC

The Annapolis Democratic Central Committee (ADCC) is defined in city code by ¶ 4.12 and operates under these bylaws. Its members are elected from each of our city’s eight wards, plus an At-Large member.

Democratic candidates for office in our system run with a party affiliation because they believe in the general values espoused by the party. The party, in turn, supports all of its candidates. Voters choose parties and candidates for the same reasons.

Our Annapolis Democratic Party has activities like voter registration campaigns, events promoting the election of the Democratic nominees, candidate forums, and participation in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts.

Democrats believe the the government can play a productive and supportive role in peoples lives. Candidates affiliate with the Democratic party because they support that belief and they want to support other Democrats. We recognize that success in politics requires that we work together as members of a team.

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